RECREATE: A One-Stop Solution

RECREATE. What are we?

We’re a digital marketing company. That part you probably already know (since, ya know, you’re on the blog), but our selling point is that we are a one-stop solution to all your digital marketing needs.

What does that mean?

Basically, RECREATE already has all the services you need in a single package for you to carry out your marketing needs. We have it all!

We do photography, graphic designs, copywriting, KOL management and even manage your social media for you. Of course, you don’t have to engage with all services all the time. Select what you need!

There are huge advantages to our one-stop solution system: 

1.  Saves you time

Simple, you don’t have to spend time doing any part of the marketing. We do it all for you. Just work with our team to convey your ideas and we’ll get it all sorted.

2.  Focus on your business

With a full package for digital marketing, you don’t have to worry about how to promote your business. We do it for you! So, you just have to focus on what you do best: your business.

3.  Removes coordinating

This is the biggest part of our one-stop solution. You got everything right here. You don’t have to coordinate a huge marketing project with a key opinion leader, and then hire a photographer to shoot them promoting your business. After that, you then have to freelance graphic designer from somewhere around Malaysia, repeat your vision and theme to them to generate your image with the photographs, AND THEN get a writer to also share the same ideas to create your complete package.

That’s a handful. A HUGE handful. With RECREATE, you just have to liaise with our representative and they’ll organize the teams to get you your goal. Then, all you have to do is provide feedback on certain changes you would like to see, and that’s that! Simple. Easy.

All in one

Just like a nice simple instant coffee with all the great tastes and none of the fuss. That’s Recreate, and that’s who you can count on to get your business to your target audience. 

Interested to know more? Our website showcases our work so go familiarize yourself!

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