AI and the World of Digital Marketing

Is AI changing the way the world works?

Short answer – yes. Long answer, well, it’s not in the way we think.

AI as of now serves more of a supportive function and is yet to be able to fully replace an actual human person. In this case, we’re discussing digital marketing and AI.
So, can an AI help in digital marketing? Absolutely. Can it replace actual people? No. Not yet, anyway. Here are the drawbacks of AI compared to a marketing company, like RECREATE.


Creative Input

AI can create art and write paragraphs. You can certainly use their work to aid your brand’s marketing, but you won’t necessarily get your exact vision. However, you can tell a graphic designer how you would like your poster or your logo to look like. It’s not as easy to communicate what you want with an AI, and the same goes for writing. A generated write-up may not carry the style you’re looking for and you’d still need to workshop what is generated to suit your brand’s needs.




However, just to add a note here, having an AI as a supportive tool in creative works is still really useful. For inspiration or to give structure, it’s real handy! But don’t expect it to give you a perfect final product.


Adapting and Predicting

AI is great for analysing and digging up old data. But an AI cannot be used to predict the future, or adapt your marketing plans to fit in current trends. Is K-pop going to still be relevant in the future? What social media site or unique phrases or keywords will stay relevant? An AI cannot predict that. Then again, humans can’t see the future either, but marketing experts can make educated guesses based on a handful of data, which an AI absolutely cannot.

Not only is predicting important, but also adapting. How does a business adapt its marketing strategy towards shifting trends? That’s also the job of marketing professionals to think up and create hype.



Finally, support. An AI is not something you can interact with like a person. Sci-fi movie this is not. AI are essentially bots. Therefore, they are unable to provide a full experience. If you want ideas, or perhaps make changes for your brand, you can always refer to an expert and discuss your vision. Real life professionals such as RECREATE are able to pin-point what your brand needs while working alongside you and your visions. On the other hand, an AI can only give information based on what you tell it, and it’s not always accurate to what you want.  



In conclusion, AI as of right now is advanced but still has ways to go. It cannot become human, but merely mimics our mannerisms. It’s still best to rely on a professional marketing team to get business out there to the world, and RECREATE is more than happy to be at your service.

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