KOLs play a pivotal role in today’s digital marketing. Their influence and followers make them a valuable asset to promote products and create awareness of businesses.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that, as part of RECREATE’s many services, we coordinate with KOLs to help with your business.

Eggbeast F&B KOL Management

In today’s case, we’re covering the F&B industry.

The main idea around KOLs and F&B is for the KOLs to highlight the aesthetic and food of the business. The KOLs themselves try to match the energy of the place while also promoting the various food and drinks.

Krispy Kreme KOL Management Campaign

Here’s an example. Recently there was an opening of Krispy Kreme in Penang, and RECREATE enlisted a bunch of KOLs to generate more hype for the grand opening. So, they had to create excitement and fun and also let their followers know that a new store had opened.

RECREATE’s role in this event was to coordinate KOLs from both KL and Penang to gather them for the grand opening. With years of digital marketing on hand, RECREATE was also able to give critical feedback and suggestions to our clients over at Krispy Kreme regarding the best way to carry out the grand opening. One such example was to create hype and excitement for the opening through shoutouts on Instagram stories. 

RECREATE also spearheads the event, making sure everything runs like clockwork and that nothing goes wrong. Basically, we coordinate the entirety of KOL marketing for our clients.

Luckbros Kopi KOL Management Campaign

Another recent work was for Luckbros Kopi in KLIA2.

For Luckbros, there were different requirements from the client. They had more specific requirements for their chosen KOLs. KOLs of the Malay ethnicity were specified to be needed for the campaign to promote their business to the Malay audience. They also wanted to promote their business through videos like reels and tiktok—rather than plain photos. 

The selected KOLs were bringing their audience to visit the outlet with them. This style of content shows their approval of the place to their followers, while posing for some lovely pictures and videos.

Interested in enlisting KOL services for your own F&B business? Hit up RECREATE and we can get you started.

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