Content Writing Styles & How They Affect Your Marketing



Uploading a photo of your business, your product or even just your cat and you’ll find that it lacks something when you don’t say anything about it. Content writing. It doesn’t always just provide information; it sometimes tells a story and bridges the gap your viewers need to cross over into loyalty island. 

So just slap on some basic wordings, right? No. Of course not. There’s more to it than that. Writing style is crucial towards getting your business where it needs to be. It paints a picture with words of how your business runs and what you stand for.

What do I mean by this?


The biggest factor of your writing style is setting the theme; setting the mood. What you write depends on what you want, and the style of your writing achieves this. Here are some factors you want to consider:

First one is overall public reception. How will the public perceive you and your business? A business that wants to be taken seriously will have content writing that is formal and informative. Perhaps a reduction in emotion and a bigger focus on flat data. On the other hand, a business that wants to promote light hearted energy uses humour and localized slang to convey that mood.

Next, you have to think about the demographic. Young or old. Students or working adults. Guys or girls. Will older people understand internet lingos, such as “sus” or “pog”, a lot being video game references?

Will younger people get catch-phrases from films before the 2000s like “I’ll be back” or “we’re going to need a bigger boat” (bonus question: what about people who are not familiar with Western culture, will they get it)? 

There are topics that will be more relevant to guys than girls and vice-versa. 


Who you want to target will affect what and how you write.





Finally, you also have to consider what your business is all about. This one is related to both the first and second point, but dives deeper into the history of your business. If your business sells bubble milk tea, you probably already have an established demographic already: younger people, male and female, and a lot of them being students. So, the writing generally will be fun, bubbly (pun intended) and promotes enjoying sweet stuff.

Selling sportscars and generally you’ll be targeting middle-aged men who are car crazy and have spending capital, so your writing will target their mid-life crisis.

In conclusion, don’t take content writing too lightly. It’s a part of your marketing and despite being only words can create a huge impact on your audience. Planning and structuring the direction and theme of your business is no easy feat, and lucky for you, there are solutions for that.

RECREATE is all about building you and your brand story. If you need a direction in your writing, we can most certainly work with you and get you the content you need.

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