Let’s Talk: Logo Design


Logo designs. They’re the face of your brand. Everything that comes out of your brand will have that fancy logo of yours slapped on it. T-shirts? Cups? Cars? Whatever it is, your logo is a part of it.

So you better be sure that your logo is great.


Now, obviously logos are part of art, and art is subjective. For the most part. Still, there are some basic rules that you should follow when you are thinking up a design for your logo. Let’s call it the 3 S: 

Firstly, your design has got to be stylish. More specifically, it should try to fit with the theme of your business. Are you in the business of being cute? Like running a cute café with cute decorations and drinks or maybe selling some adorable accessories? Your logo should reflect that. Usually something cute would have a fat and rounded design to make it look soft and cuddly (like a teddy bear!) On the other hand, sharp edges and lots of corners make something cool and, well, edgy.

These are basic examples in a huge sleuth of options. You gotta decide if the style of your logo fits the theme and vision of your brand.


Next, your logo has got to be simple. Think about the majority of big brands and their logos. Facebook, Mercedes, Apple, McDonald’s… notice how simple their logo is? You can draw them really easily with a pencil. Any kid can do it. You want your logo to be simple so that its clean look is easy to recognize and remember.


Finally, your logo has to be striking. This rule is important. Remember when I said that your logo should be simple? Well, if it gets too simple, it becomes generic and nobody remembers it. For instance, there are many animals that are used A LOT in logos, like eagles and lions and the lot. So, if you use something like that, it might end up being mixed into a mountain of similar-looking logos.

Your logo needs to stand out and be of your own identity. What makes your logo different from others? Can someone easily identify your logo and remember it?

Usually, your logo is striking not because of the logo itself, but because of the reputation of your brand. Seriously, we all know Apple because the brand is HUGE and so the half-eaten apple is iconic. However, it doesn’t hurt to start off on the right foot and make your logo recognizable.


Aaaaand we’re at the end. Now, the rules I give you aren’t necessarily carved in stone. Some logos are not simple at all, but they look pretty cool. Still, these rules are a great guideline for you to start with.

If you’ve got an idea of a logo you want to try out, but lack the means to do so, you can enlist the help of RECREATE’s team of graphic designers who are equipped to get the job done.


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