Buri: Mouth-watering at First Sight

First impressions are always the most important. What I’m trying to say is that you should take a shower before going to your job interview, or your date.

But also, photography is super important.

Photography is important

Buri by Two Chefs is a Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that was started by, you guessed it, two chefs. Two professional chefs with tons of experience finally opening their own business to make food their way for the world (or KL) to enjoy. They’ve got the skills to make authentic food and also create unique fusions with western influences.

Sounds great, right? But in the world of digital marketing, it is important, no, paramount that whatever you make gets the attention it deserves in a world where visual attention is the most sought-after currency.  Making great food is one thing, convincing netizens that the food is great is another.

Food Photography Buri by Two Chefs

So the good folks at Buri already have the great food part nailed down, so now it’s down to the other half of the work. This part is RECREATE’s territory. On our side, we focus on getting great photography work to highlight the quality of the food. The important aspects to feature are two-fold: The excellent craftsmanship that goes into each dish by the chefs, and the freshness and quality of the ingredients that they use. 

Not to mention, it was super important to also set the mood of the restaurant through the pictures, too. So I guess it’s three-fold instead of two. The peaceful and calming ambience the restaurant gives out as you enjoy your meal, the perfect combination for a perfect dinner, is what Buri sets out to achieve… and so we convey all that with just photography.

Food Photography Buri by Two Chefs

We hope that you finally appreciate the importance of photography to frame not just your food but also your theme and setting.

RECREATE’s service extends beyond photography, but every single aspect of digital marketing so that your business can strive in a highly competitive market.

Perhaps RECREATE is the solution you’ve been looking for?

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