RECREATE’s Mid-year Wrap-up

Just like that, half the year is gone. GONE! NEVER TO RETURN!

Well, good news. RECREATE has been keeping real busy throughout this year. So many projects, so much work! But hey, it was all fun!

So here’s our recap, where you get to observe all our work and highlights throughout the year. Take a walk with me!

As you all know, RECREATE covers all you need to promote your business in the digital world, so we’re going to showcase the big ones in each category.

For photography work, and to feature our work we would like to highlight Buri. Buri is a Japanese restaurant that boasts high quality and authentic cuisine at affordable prices. We took many pretty pictures to amplify the deliciousness of the food… so that you could almost taste it even.

Buri Photography

Next up, videography. For this category we’re gonna talk about Foo Fee. Foo Fee is a café that tries to evoke the past and merge it into the future. With iconic local foods in a fancy café, it’s sure to be an experience to be tried!

Check them out:

Foo Fee Videography

When it comes to animation works, we gave it our all for Round 5. Round 5 is an anti-hangover table that encourages living life fun and free of stress. We created animations to remind everyone that life can be a wild party at times, and not to miss out on the fun of it all!

Round5 Animation Motion Graphics

Eggbeast KOL Store Launch Event

Sometimes, a recognizable face is what you need to get your business off the ground. For the egg sandwich specialist Egg Beast, we coordinated with KOLs to promote and celebrate the grand opening of their restaurant.

Read about how we manage the event in this blog!

As for graphic design, well, ALL our work involves graphic design. So let’s highlight some of the greats from each work:

Graphic Design Social Media Content

Man, what a trip! And we’re only halfway done for the year!

Would you like to be a part of this list? Why not get RECREATE to help out with your business? Never too late to board the digital marketing train.

Head on to our website to find out more about our services!

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