The Rise of Video Marketing

Marketing is constantly evolving.

Word-of-mouth, criers yelling at town squares, newspaper ads… and now we’ve hit the digital age.

With the introduction of the internet, marketing becomes accessible at the touch of a button. But simply just having graphics online just isn’t cutting it anymore, we’ve moved on to another form of online media: videography.

It’s a lot of effort, but there’s a reason why it’s done. Captivating visuals combined with catchy beats create a more eye-catching and attractive advertisement. Plus, sometimes animation can help give more information about the product.

Let’s look at some examples. At RECREATE, we do a bunch of videography. It’s part of our package, after all. For instance, we make motion graphics to bring a new edge for our clients’ contents.

In the food industry, this is crucial to showcase your unique recipes and wow your viewers with amazing visuals of, well, amazing food. For Buri, a restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine. We can highlight their unique dishes and entice the audience with delicious food.

Tasty food is also great to show in short bursts, to entice audiences with mouth-watering food, like we do for Foo Fee, a café that sells Western and Asian fusion food.



Contents like these bring the brand to life. In today’s digital marketing trend, audiences are usually less engaged with static contents as brands evolve to the world of motion graphics and videography.


We’re sure that you are familiar with Facebook/Instagram Reels! We are all guilty of mindlessly scrolling through these videos without noticing the hours flying past…



Reels are made to engage viewers who are just scrolling through the internet with their spare time and consuming a variety of content. 7Gem sells health powder in a sachet, a quick way to consume the nutrients for healthier and prettier skin.

A product that is advertised to be short and simple to use is a perfect match for short videos to showcase its simplicity!




Similarly, reels made for selling beauty products are super effective. EMPRO showcase their line of products such as their eyebrow pencils, which is useful for audiences if the application is and effects are demonstrated. By using reels and motion graphics, we help create informative contents that show the effects of the makeup, a simple why-buy-EMPRO clip, and just generally packing information into one lil post.


The beauty of creating reels is the ability to include fun content to show-off a brand’s personality. Additionally, these videos can contain a great variety of content from packing information, revealing products, and highlighting what your brand is all about!

Finally, let’s talk about user generated content (UGC)! These types of contents can also work wonders for a brand in today’s digital marketing world. Rather than showing products from a brand’s POV, why not market your products through actual users?

Having other people talk about products in a more personal manner to their audiences can be a more attractive form of engagement. Furthermore, by using influencers, there is already a strong rapport between the creator and their followers.

[Find out more about our work in UGC and KOL marketing]


Don’t get left behind in the advancing world of digital marketing! With RECREATE, you’ll get professionals creating content best suited for your business, and put your name out there for the world to see.


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