Types of Logos

When you utter the name of a reputable company, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? That’s right. Their logo. Sitting in the corner of your brain, they’ve taken up part of your brain space to remind you they exist.

So we all know it is important. And we all also know that the design of it is also very important.

RECREATE can help you build a logo. Sure. But what kind of logo are you looking for? There are different styles to choose from, and if you are better familiar with the styles, you’ll be able to make a better decision. So let’s go on a journey!


These are as simple as they get. It’s just the name of your company in a unique font. Coca-Cola is the biggest example. The iconic cursives on a red backdrop. Simple.


Lettermark (or monograms)

Lettermarks aren’t too different from word marks, but instead of putting the whole name of your company, you just put the initials. For instance, we think of KFC, HBO, NASA and so on but we usually don’t utter their full name, right? So some companies just put the initials instead as part of the branding (with some fancy fonts to go alongside, too).


Pictorial (or symbol) mark

A picture is worth a thousand words yada-yada you already know that saying. Some logos are just a simple picture that represents the company. Apple? It’s just an image of an apple. Twitter? How about a tiny bird. The picture is iconic on its own to make someone recall the company, and thus associate the symbol with that company.


Abstract mark

Abstract marks are, well, abstract. Instead of a symbol of something you see in real life, they create abstract shapes and colours to represent their company. These shapes had no original meaning to them until the company created them just for their own marketing. Think of most car companies, like Audi and BMW, their logos are cool but don’t have any real world meaning on their own unless associated with the company. Youtube uses their an iconic “play” button to signify them as a video streaming site.



Obviously, you can combine a variety of logo styles together. KFC has a mascot AND lettermarks together. Burger King uses abstract and word marks. You get the idea. Art isn’t something you can really define in boxes and you can let your creativity run wild. 

So, that’s where we’re at. Perhaps this will give you a better idea of what you really want for your business.

And hey, once you got your idea down, you can reach out to us at RECREATE and we’ll be dishing out your logo in no time!


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