Making Attractive IG Reels for Digital Marketing

Have you tried Instagram Reels yet? 

You should!

Why? Well, it’s a great way to get your business out there! Reels are immersive and participative. They also allow you to creatively express your brand story and get discovered by new customers. So getting involved in Reels is a must in the modern world of advertising.

So, obviously you want to get your video up there. How do you catch attention?

Here are 3 things to think about: 


First of all, make sure your stuff is properly displayed to be identified. Your logo, the shape of the product, the whole nine yards of it all. You don’t have to let people know EVERYTHING about it, but just enough to have a lasting image in their head.

People want to know what they’re watching about, and you want to make sure people remember your brand and your product.  

Short and straight to the point

Instagram Reels, by default, are already short. So you should already know this. But there are more things to think about when you sell your stuff.

Don’t go into too much detail about your product. Sure, this is super easy when you’re selling food… we all know what food is. But if you’re selling something more complicated like technology, just give up to 3 important details only and no more than that. Don’t bombard your audience! 


Entertain the masses

Ok, you showed the stuff, you let people know what it is. Now those two are important for your business, but what’s important for the audience to STAY watching your video is entertainment. How do you want to go about it? Comedy? Tell a story? Bright colours and upbeat music? Lots of ideas out there and you gotta see which one works for your product and the emotion you want from your audience.

These are the main ingredients. Sure, there are loads more nuances to keep in check but Reels is a must in advertising:

If you’re struggling with it all, RECREATE is here to help provide you with easy solutions! We’ve got artists to create attractive Reels for your brand. Head on over to here to check out our works!

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