Content Creation for EMPRO’s Brows Café

 There’s an old adage of how you can’t have your cake and eat it.

You want to have nice makeup? You gotta spend time on it. However, that is slowly but surely changing with semi-permanent makeup!

semi-permanent makeup eyebrow eyeliner


Now let me tell you this: Cafés. They’re everywhere. They are dime a dozen all around. You can’t keep walking without bumping into another one of them.

And then we have eyebrow embroidery studios. Useful for your appearance? Yes, but you wouldn’t exactly call it a place you want to be at to relax, right? So why not combine the luxury and comfort of a café into your embroidery session?

In comes EMPRO with the ultimate solution: EMPRO’S Brows Café!

Have you EVER seen or heard of something like this before? I bet not!

empro brows cafe


EMPRO’s new Brows Café that recently opened in Uptown, PJ caters to this demand, but with a twist. They also have a café in the front for customers to have a good time while they peruse, wait for their operation or just to have a good time relaxing.

RECREATE’s role in this is to announce this unique angle of business for EMPRO. To showcase the stylish café and its various offerings, including a mini store that sells products from EMPRO such as masks and sanitizers.

RECREATE did both photography to give people a mini-tour of the place. We also created graphic designs and did copywriting to announce the opening of their unique café to their online audience. IG Reels were released also to get more hype and traffic for the grand opening. Check out EMPRO’s page!

empro cafe food drinks beauty


Interested in getting your business started? We can help get your business the push start it needs to get up and running.

Check out this page to know more of our various services and packages!

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