Let’s Talk: Bee Passion

Can a business run on a single product? 

Short answer: Yes, obviously.

Long answer: Also yes, but you gotta make sure your product is magic—-either that or people THINK that your product is magic.


And to get it done right, you gotta do BOTH!

Bee Passion is a business that makes beverages. Specifically, a single type of drink. Bee Passion’s business consists of a sole homemade juice consisting of passionfruit, lemon and honey. A thick mixture which you add water. Made from fresh ingredients, the drink mixture boasts great health benefits for consumers. The selling point of the drink is that it is a great health drink with many healing properties, but all with also a great taste.

Who says staying healthy requires you to only eat bland and nasty stuff?

Our job Recreate-side was to run and schedule social media content for Passion Bee. We created a nice-clean look with the white background to create the feeling of purity and cleanliness, reflecting the healthy and cleansing properties of the drink. A lot of focus is on the raw ingredients, which in this case will be the fruits plus the thick and rich honey, so that the combination of the white clean background with the fresh fruits in the foreground paints a very clear picture of a product that is healthy and fresh. Finally, the final product itself is presented. The drink mix is in a nice simple mason jar for a simple style and a display of the goodness within it.

As far as captions goes, it’s pretty straightforward: blast to the world the list of health benefits from consuming such a drink. Vitamin C, gives smooth skin, detoxifying effects, etc.  

So there you have it. Having a good product alone is just half the battle. Making sure people hear about it—-that’s where online marketing steps in.

Thank you for reading!

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