PUBG – Bringing Out The Big Guns

Video games. Once upon a time, humans invented video games. It was a good time.

Once considered to just be a casual hobby for a very small minority, video games have come a long way to now being a staple of entertainment for the masses. Cool. Right? So obviously the next thing that activated in our ape brains is the urge to be competitive with video games, just like any other activity.


One such game with a huge following is PUBG Mobile, due to its ease of access and being on the smartphone, a device almost everyone has (also yes, the game is free).

A hundred players dropped on to a huge island and have to fight to the death with the resources found on said island. A decent set up for an audience to cheer as the Romans did in the gladiatorial combats of old. A game fitting for an audience? Sounds like an Esport to me. 

So, what does this have to do with Recreate, then?

Well, here in Malaysia we have our own local Esports team for the game. Like any other sports, players become known and popular through their skill and charisma while competing against one another. 

We collaborated with a handful of KOLs who play the game and ensured that their names would get out there and be heard throughout the country. After all, a KOL is only as successful as the number of followers and fans they can accumulate, no? With our extended networking reach, we were able to liaise with multiple Malay KOLs to create a successful campaign. The greatest feat we achieved in this collaborative work was the time we had to work with.

We had to create the campaign for the pro team in just a mere three days.

Insane? Yes. Impossible? Nope!



Here are some examples of our collaboration and efforts: 

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