Let’s Talk About Noodles

Starting a new business is tough. Sure, you see successful businesses all around you thriving and bringing in that big bucks and all, but the inner workings to become successful is no small feat. Not if you want to maintain a long and eventful business that doesn’t keel over and die immediately.


SRK Noodle House is a food business that brings local Sarawak cuisine over to West Malaysia, specifically, you guessed it, noodles. Their main attraction is the famous Sarawakian Kampua noodles.


As we all know, running a business itself is already a handful, not to mention marketing your business. Branding, advertisement and customer awareness are so important. But at the same time, marketing is crucial to the success of a business as much as the quality and management of the business itself. They both go hand-in-hand.








Recreate worked with SRK Noodles to bring their products to the forefront of the digital world, providing photography work and food and business reels for their social media platforms—mainly on Instagram and Facebook. 

We create awareness through showcasing their products in fun and creative ways.

Furthermore, through the use of social media, Recreate is also able to highlight new products from SRK, such as their instant noodles. Hard to promote something like that in their restaurants, because you would just order their main courses, but perfect to showcase to people in their homes via social media. Perfect customers, no? People at home who would like a quick and tasty meal.

And there you have it, higher exposure for not only their main services, but also new products to customers… and by reading this, so too are you now aware of SRK products. Feel free to check it out! 


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