Online Marketing: The Future

Here you are, a new business owner. Congrats!

What is your business? Food? Fashion? Selling tiny shoes for cats so that you can see them walk around all awkward and stuff and film it and put it on the internet for no reason other than to satisfy that craving for endorphins in your head? Wildly specific, but sure! 

Regardless of the type of business, you are excited! You think of the customers lining up outside your store as far as the eye can see, you think about all the franchises and new lines of products you’re gonna release in the future… So many plans! So many ambitions!

But wait! Hold up! How can your dream come true if no one has ever heard of your business in the first place? Tough, huh? You gotta put your name out there!

Well, good news! Online marketing is here to help! Now hold up, you might be wondering if online marketing is the right way to promote your business. Well sonny, I’m here to tell you that ONLINE MARKETING IS THE FUTURE.

Very dramatic stuff.

Not convinced? Let me help persuade you with four big reasons.


Everyone is on the internet now. They use it for work, they use it for gaming and they use it to watch cute puppies sleeping or get into heated political debates in someone else’s country. 

My point is, it’s the place people are most of the time. Think about it, if you put up a poster on the street, only people who walk by will see it, right? However, putting it on the internet and it’s there for them to see once they tune in to their social media. Boom. 

So unless you want to stick a poster EVERYWHERE, the internet is here to help. 



Speaking of sticking posters everywhere. That ain’t cheap fam. After getting the poster designed, you need to get them printed out. Lots of printing. Lots of sticking. Lots of money. Also, some places will charge you big bucks to stick your ad there, like on a billboard along the highway, or an ad in the cinema. The big companies with their big bucks can throw money at that problem, but it’s not the kind of cost you wanna be stuck with. 

On the other hand, you can promote your stuff on the internet for less! You can just pay to get your ads shown, or even get it down through your own social media for free! Yes, it requires some research and a bit of know-how, but at least it won’t cost you your leg. 



Also, do you plan to stick your posters in Penang? Kuala Lumpur? Melaka? Johor? No. Obviously not. You want your business to be known by as many people as possible, but the traditional way is not gonna cut it. On the other hand, the internet is worldwide. I mean, it’s called the world wide web. Marketing online will solve that problem immediately, as people from all over Malaysia can see your ads.



Remember the good old days where you would spend DAYS handing out flyers and sticking up posters? Wasn’t it fun? OF COURSE IT WASN’T. No one wants to stand in the hot sun all day handing out pieces of paper. It’s time consuming AND bad for the environment. On the other hand, social media is instantaneous. So you get your message out there in the blink of an eye.



So. There you go! It sounds easier than it is, but it is still a great way to get things running.

Ready to get your business off the ground?


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