Social Media Aesthetics: Creating a Brand Identity

We all already know that creating social media content is crucial to generating hype and interest for your brand, but online marketing is one huge window shopping, and you’ll find yourself competing against thousands of competitors for the precious little attention span of customers.

It’s one thing to be active on social media, how you present yourself is another.

Aesthetics is important to grab internet scrollers’ attention.

Here are some simple ways to get you started:



Brand identity flourishes in consistency. The easiest way to achieve this is through the choice of font. Fonts are distinctive, yet very easy to get since there are libraries worth of options to choose from online. Just take a look around and decide what you feel is best!


How do you want to come across to your audience? Maybe your product is light-hearted and cutesy, like cute pastries or plushie toys? Then it’d be fitting to also have a fun and excited tone in your writing.

Or your product is a more sophisticated piece of technology? Perhaps a more formal tone to convey important information is needed in your content?

What tone you decide for your business is completely up to you. The energy and writing will determine how people view your business and should carry a consistent energy across all your work.

Note: Your tone and attitude pairs very well with font choice, so keep that in mind!


Colour! Getting a consistent colour palette for your content is important. It’s one of the first things people will notice of your content from afar. Using the same set of colours for your content isn’t boring, it’s organized and structured which gives a sense of professionalism and identifiable character. Not to mention that IG displays your content in the form of a collage and looks way better if the colour is the same across the whole collage. Certain colours work well with each other and you can find the best combination through looking at examples or experimenting till you find what suits you best.


Do you want your images to be minimalistic with basic shapes, simple photographs and muted colours? Or full of huge texts that explode across your content like a comic book? Style is important because the next thing people notice after the colour palette. It is how the colour and images work together with a unique identity that represents your brand!

In conclusion, it isn’t as simple as you think to come up with aesthetics for your brand. However, it is not hard either! There are examples out there for you to check out and be inspired by before deciding on your own style. Don’t be afraid to take notes of other successful brands and their marketing! You could learn a thing or two from them~

That’s all I got. Stay safe y’all!


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