Types of Logos

When you utter the name of a reputable company, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? That’s right. Their logo. Sitting in the corner of your brain, they’ve taken up part of your brain space to remind you they exist. So we all know it is important. And we all also know that […]

Malaysian Ad Highlights


With Merdeka passing and Malaysia day just around the corner, and as to be expected, many local marketing will target this big day to show their support for our country… and to sell some stuff. Yeah, yeah. The cynic in me is showing. Is it truly sincere if the whole thing is a ploy to […]

Content Writing Styles & How They Affect Your Marketing

Uploading a photo of your business, your product or even just your cat and you’ll find that it lacks something when you don’t say anything about it. Content writing. It doesn’t always just provide information; it sometimes tells a story and bridges the gap your viewers need to cross over into loyalty island. So just […]

Making Attractive IG Reels for Digital Marketing

Have you tried Instagram Reels yet? You should! Why? Well, it’s a great way to get your business out there! Reels are immersive and participative. They also allow you to creatively express your brand story and get discovered by new customers. So getting involved in Reels is a must in the modern world of advertising. […]

Making your food a SUPERMODEL

Food! Delicious, delicious food. Whether you’re out and about and discover some magical treasure hidden in the far reaches of a hipster restaurant, or cook something spectacular at home, it’s nice to know that we all have a camera conveniently attached to our phones and we can take sweet pictures. Now here’s the thing, how […]

Best Mobile Editing Apps For Photography

So, you’ve taken a nice photograph of your pet hamster snacking on some bananas. That’s good right? WRONG.Taking a nice shot is just half the battle! There are a bunch of things you can do to make your hamster look GLORIOUS. There are many editing programs out there to choose from, but which will suit […]

Social Media Aesthetics: Creating a Brand Identity

We all already know that creating social media content is crucial to generating hype and interest for your brand, but online marketing is one huge window shopping, and you’ll find yourself competing against thousands of competitors for the precious little attention span of customers. It’s one thing to be active on social media, how you […]

Online Marketing: The Future

Here you are, a new business owner. Congrats! What is your business? Food? Fashion? Selling tiny shoes for cats so that you can see them walk around all awkward and stuff and film it and put it on the internet for no reason other than to satisfy that craving for endorphins in your head? Wildly […]