Jubin: A Business Tiled With Branches

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No matter the size of your business, digital marketing is still your best friend. 

Jubin is a tiles and sanitary supplier. Having received the award in the Malaysian Book of Record for “Largest Tiles & Sanitary Wares Showroom in Malaysia”, it is one of the leading suppliers and retailers of its kind in the whole country. Need a new look for your home? Jubin is your go-to.


Jubin digital marketing, Instagram page

So, what happens next when your business grows super huge? 

Well, you expand!

Expand your business’ horizon to a new frontier of customers, and that’s exactly what Jubin did.


Jubin's new branch in Kota Damansara

Jubin opens a new branch in Kota Damansara, and like any huge move you need the world to know about it… and here is where Recreate comes in.

KOLs provided by Recreate for Jubin’s event

(KOLs provided by Recreate for Jubin’s event) @annaysada, @nmeelaj @erulsamah

Recreate’s role in this grand opening was to showcase the designs of Jubin’s products. Photography of the various styles and designs of tiles in beautiful mock home displays allows viewers to envision the design in their own homes.

Copywriting for Jubin’s Instagram and Facebook focused on the idea of a perfect dream home. The idea that your house can pop with vibrant and unique colours to make your own home yours and yours only. There was also a lot of awareness made through social media also made to highlight the chance to walk around Jubin storefronts to get a feel of before a purchase. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to sample their goods, right?


Want to give your home a second life? Jubin might be the answer for you.

Jubin team with Recreate KOLs


Remember, in today’s society, digital marketing is still your best friend in every and all business!

Want a second life for your business?

Recreate is also available to get the word out for your business!

Recreate is also available

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