Round 5: Branding party through animation

How do you convey that your company promotes fun?


Fun graphic design for Round 5 brand

  Round 5 is an anti-hangover pill. The target audience are party goers who like to let loose and go hard on a Friday night, and also suffer the consequences of it all the morning after.

  Instead, these party people can just pop a Round 5 pill and feel fresh the day after. Round 5 also claims to protect the user’s liver and that the pill itself is made from 100% natural ingredients.




Round 5 marketing miracle pill graphics

The goal for Round 5’s marketing is to highlight the enjoyments of life. To encourage people to party without worry with the help of Round 5’s miracle pill.

Round 5 wants to have marketing that sparks energy and hype, to create a sense of youthfulness with limitless power to take on Friday nights in the city.






Round 5 fun animation graphics for marketing

Round 5 hype animation graphics for marketing















The best way to convey this energy is through the use of animation.

Recreate designed bright and colourful imagery with poppy music to engage the audio and visual senses. This helps maximise attention and energy.

This is done alongside our conventional graphics and copywriting for more awareness in the marketing.

The importance of animation for any marketing cannot be stated enough. The use of visual and audio helps create a more distinctive theme for the audience, allowing them to understand the style the brand is going for, and having multiple senses engaged allows for the content to be more memorable.

Though not to be overused, it’s still a handy tool to have; and Recreate has it in its back pocket!



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