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The food industry is a very competitive place. Often having many businesses competing within very similar categories. One such food example is sushi. Sushi is an iconic Japanese delicacy. There are many big and small businesses in this category.

Our job is to assist such a food business.

Sushi Donut sells sushi, but with a twist on the genre. Their range of sushi donuts are handcrafted with a bunch of unique A-class ingredients such as wagyu beef and sea urchin. They got the goods, and our job was to let the world know of said goods.


Recreate & Sushi Donut

Recreate’s contribution towards Sushi Donut comes in a variety of flavours. We created graphics with a pastel theme to create a sense of simplicity and light-hearted association towards the products.

Not only did we create content and graphics for their social media, but we also did photography work with their sushi to showcase their menu. The muted and simple pastel colour palette allowed the focus to be on the sushi itself. Therefore, the pictures taken had to be clear and allowed readers to properly admire the decoration and ingredients prepared on each sushi itself.



Afterall, one of the main highlights of the sushi donuts is how picturesque it is,

so the photography was important.  




Over the course of our collaboration with Sushi Donut, we’ve launched multiple successful campaigns. This boosted the social media presence and increased awareness for the brand. One of our favourite campaigns to work on was their special Christmas Box sets. Not only did it come with good sushi, but included in the set were various small trinkets and gifts. Who doesn’t like opening presents—especially during festive seasons?!


Giveaways are always fun! Sushi Donut capitalised on piquing the interests of the market from these genre of campaigns.

With the variety of services we provide, Sushi Donut did not have to look far and wide to attain the different essential elements needed for marketing success.






We can help you achieve similar results with your own business through our digital marketing services. With effective strategies and a professional design team, you too can grow your social media presence.


So this was our work with Sushi Donut. Thanks for reading!
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