Types of Logos

When you utter the name of a reputable company, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? That’s right. Their logo. Sitting in the corner of your brain, they’ve taken up part of your brain space to remind you they exist. So we all know it is important. And we all also know that […]

Malaysian Ad Highlights


With Merdeka passing and Malaysia day just around the corner, and as to be expected, many local marketing will target this big day to show their support for our country… and to sell some stuff. Yeah, yeah. The cynic in me is showing. Is it truly sincere if the whole thing is a ploy to […]

Content Writing Styles & How They Affect Your Marketing

Uploading a photo of your business, your product or even just your cat and you’ll find that it lacks something when you don’t say anything about it. Content writing. It doesn’t always just provide information; it sometimes tells a story and bridges the gap your viewers need to cross over into loyalty island. So just […]

RECREATE’s Mid-year Wrap-up

Just like that, half the year is gone. GONE! NEVER TO RETURN! Well, good news. RECREATE has been keeping real busy throughout this year. So many projects, so much work! But hey, it was all fun! So here’s our recap, where you get to observe all our work and highlights throughout the year. Take a […]

Making Attractive IG Reels for Digital Marketing

Have you tried Instagram Reels yet? You should! Why? Well, it’s a great way to get your business out there! Reels are immersive and participative. They also allow you to creatively express your brand story and get discovered by new customers. So getting involved in Reels is a must in the modern world of advertising. […]

Content Creation for EMPRO’s Brows Café

Empro Brows Cafe

There’s an old adage of how you can’t have your cake and eat it. You want to have nice makeup? You gotta spend time on it. However, that is slowly but surely changing with semi-permanent makeup! Now let me tell you this: Cafés. They’re everywhere. They are dime a dozen all around. You can’t keep […]

Sushi Donut: Providing a well-rounded marketing service

Recreate’s specialty isproviding a well-rounded marketing service to brands from every industry.   The food industry is a very competitive place. Often having many businesses competing within very similar categories. One such food example is sushi. Sushi is an iconic Japanese delicacy. There are many big and small businesses in this category. Our job is […]

Round 5: Branding party through animation

Fun graphic design for Round 5 brand

How do you convey that your company promotes fun?   Round 5 is an anti-hangover pill. The target audience are party goers who like to let loose and go hard on a Friday night, and also suffer the consequences of it all the morning after.   Instead, these party people can just pop a Round […]