KOLs play a pivotal role in today’s digital marketing. Their influence and followers make them a valuable asset to promote products and create awareness of businesses. Well, you’ll be happy to know that, as part of RECREATE’s many services, we coordinate with KOLs to help with your business. In today’s case, we’re covering the F&B […]

Buri: Mouth-watering at First Sight

First impressions are always the most important. What I’m trying to say is that you should take a shower before going to your job interview, or your date. But also, photography is super important. Buri by Two Chefs is a Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that was started by, you guessed it, two chefs. Two […]

Content Creation for EMPRO’s Brows Café

Empro Brows Cafe

There’s an old adage of how you can’t have your cake and eat it. You want to have nice makeup? You gotta spend time on it. However, that is slowly but surely changing with semi-permanent makeup! Now let me tell you this: Cafés. They’re everywhere. They are dime a dozen all around. You can’t keep […]

Jubin: A Business Tiled With Branches

No matter the size of your business, digital marketing is still your best friend.  Jubin is a tiles and sanitary supplier. Having received the award in the Malaysian Book of Record for “Largest Tiles & Sanitary Wares Showroom in Malaysia”, it is one of the leading suppliers and retailers of its kind in the whole […]

Foo Fee: Modernizing Tradition

The past: A place we look back fondly with rose-tinted glasses. Everything seems better in hindsight compared to the now, or so we think. However, there is definitely something that we can all agree that stays good through the test of time: Food. Well, not all of them. Apparently, people used to eat really nasty […]

Let’s Talk About Noodles

Starting a new business is tough. Sure, you see successful businesses all around you thriving and bringing in that big bucks and all, but the inner workings to become successful is no small feat. Not if you want to maintain a long and eventful business that doesn’t keel over and die immediately. SRK Noodle House is […]

Let’s Talk: Bee Passion

Can a business run on a single product?  Short answer: Yes, obviously. Long answer: Also yes, but you gotta make sure your product is magic—-either that or people THINK that your product is magic. And to get it done right, you gotta do BOTH! Bee Passion is a business that makes beverages. Specifically, a single […]

PUBG – Bringing Out The Big Guns

Video games. Once upon a time, humans invented video games. It was a good time. Once considered to just be a casual hobby for a very small minority, video games have come a long way to now being a staple of entertainment for the masses. Cool. Right? So obviously the next thing that activated in […]

Egg Beast: Hosting an event in the eye of the storm

Hosting an event is a complicated task. Many unpredictable and unforeseen problems arise without notice. Super fun, right? EGG BEAST is a small restaurant in the heart of KL that aims to provide gourmet burgers that have the balance of quality, taste and healthiness. The restaurant had its grand opening in January of 2022, revealing its […]